Right to Buy

Looking to buy from your Local Authority?

If you have been living as a tenant in a Local Authority property, you may have earned the right to buy the property outright.

Usually, this will be at a discounted price, lower than the market value of the property. Your Local Authority will be able to let you know if this applies.

It is usual for a Local Authority to complete on a specified day of the week.

At Michael Leighton Jones Solicitors, we have many years of dealing with Right to Buy transactions.

Should you wish to discuss the procedure in more detail, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to provide you with further information.

Remember our first consultation is free to all.

Contact Mike Jones.
Tredomen tel: 01443 816400.
Email: mike@michaelleightonjones.com

Contact Hugh Lloyd Thomas.
Tredomen tel: 01443 816400.
Email: hugh.thomas@michaelleightonjones.com

Contact Gareth Noble.
Tredomen tel: 01443 830228.
Email: gareth@michaelleightonjones.com

Contact Susan Goodland.
Bargoed tel: 01443 830228.
Email: susan@michaelleightonjones.com

Contact Michelle Randall.
Tredomen tel: 01443 816400.
Email: michelle@michaelleightonjones.com

Contact Sharon Ferguson.
Tredomen tel: 01443 816400.
Email: sharon@michaelleightonjones.com

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